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Ngarra Jarranounith Place

Ngarra Jarranounith Place

Ngarra Jarranounith Place builds on the vision and vast experience of Dardi Munwurro – Strong Spirit, to provide programs that build stronger families and safer communities.
Ngarra Jarranounith Place translates to Men’s Healing Place in Woi Wurung language. The program is designed to support men who use or are at risk of using family violence to make positive changes in their lives. The program offers intensive one-on-one support and group activities that focus on supporting and addressing:

    Strong Spirit and Strong Culture

    Taking Responsibility

    Healthy Relationships

The programs unique and holistic approach focuses on planning for the participant’s transition back into their community and where possible linking men into the Men’s Healing & Behavior Change Program located across Victoria

Following completion of the intensive 16-week program participants will be provided with support for up to 18 months

Eligibility and Referral process

To be eligible for Ngarra Jarranounith Place men require to;

    Identify as being of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander decent

    Be 18 years of age or over

    Attend Dardi Munwurro – Men’s Healing & Behaviour Change group

    Be willing to make positive change in life

    Remain drug and alcohol free

    Reside in a house in Northern Metropolitan, Melbourne with other men in the program

    Accept the program conditions including but not limited to paying rent

Referrals can be accepted from an individual or supporting agency.
When contact is made with Ngarra Jarranounith Place, staff will request a completed referral form.

Once a referral is received, staff will:

    Arrange for an assessment

    Request further documentation (Court Order, Intervention Order, Drug Screen)

    Successful completion of a medical detox or AOD rehabilitation (if required)

If assessed as suitable, men may enter the program if a bed is available or may be placed on a waiting list.

Suitable men will be required to arrange their own transport to Dardi Munwurro office, Preston.

Family Engagement & Safety Worker

The Family Engagement & Safety Worker is to support the Family (partner & children, ex-partner, mother or siblings) whilst the man is program participant of Ngarra Jarranounith Place.

The Family Engagement & Safety Worker will receive details of the family member upon intake stage and receive consent to contact. If an IVO is current, a copy will be requested from the court, if no IVO is current contact will still be made to assess safety concerns and supports for family.

How do I apply?
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