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Dardi Munwurro Bramung Jaarn Program

Guiding and supporting young men, to become the leaders of their families and communities

The Bramung Jaarn Program aims to support young Aboriginal men aged 10 -17 years old along their transition to adulthood, assisting them to grow into healthy young adults with positive support networks within their peer group and the broader community. This is done through one-on-one mentoring, fortnightly group and providing access to strong positive male mentors and Elders in community to support their journey. The areas of focus are:

    Cultural connection

    Identifying emotions

    Respectful relationships

    Developing life skills


    Team building


The program provides young men with the support, tools and opportunities they need to set and achieve life goals. We work to empower young people, nurture leadership potential, promote help-seeking behaviour, build protective factors and provide connections back to culture.


The Aboriginal Youth Support Service (AYSS) aims to intervene early and divert young people away from the youth justice system by addressing the underlying causes of offending and risk-taking behaviour.

    Aged 10 – 17

    Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander

    Involved in or at risk of entering justice system

The program focuses on one-on-one support for the young person to:

    Identify and set goals

    Cultural connection

    Access to mentors and Elders

    Community connection


Mentors and Elders are volunteer men that provide assistance to the staff and external support for the young men.

The Bramung Jaarn Program has access to various Elders that have a passion and interest in supporting young Aboriginal men on their journey as a proud Aboriginal Man.

For Elders or Mentors wanting to get involved in the program, please contact the Youth Journey’s Coordinator.


Ben McVeigh, Journeys Program Coordinator

Contact: 0499044753

Email: Ben.McVeigh@dardimunwurro.com.au