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Workplace Leadership and Development

The Workplace Leadership and Development program is delivered to Aboriginal people in the workforce. The program gives communication tools for the Aboriginal workforce to build healthy workplaces and practices, and allows participants to develop a clarity of direction for their personal and professional lives. It enhances employees’ social awareness and interpersonal skills needed when dealing with clients or co-workers.

Through this program, employees identify and connect to their passions, exploring how they can be their best selves in their workplaces and help their organisations to thrive. Participants build skills in teamwork, leadership, resilience, conflict management, accountability and responsibility, harnessing emotions and vision dreaming.

The areas covered can include;

    Accountability & responsibility

    Confidence building

    Emotional intelligence

    Identifying personal strengths and weaknesses

    Understanding personal motivations

    Conflict resolution


    Qualities of a leader

    Responsibilities and challenges of leadership

    Personal histories – impacts of the past on the present and future

    Self-awareness and personal accountability

    Vision Dreaming


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